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I only live in a world of words
Yet aware that a world out there exists
You taught me about something more
About a world beyond what you control
So can my song reach you?
My calling for something more
Than the tragedy that has been handed to me
Where you and I could live in peace
And not be biased by the magic that corrupts my world
I only live in a world of voices
Yet somehow your still here
Trying to guide me through this catastrophe
I wonder, is it simpler where you are?
So can my song reach you?
My calling for something more
Than the tragedy that has been handed to me
Where you and I could live in peace
And not be biased by the magic that corrupts my world
Our banter is for your amusement
Our life is just words and imagination
Yet can you save me?
From my own identity
Or the identity that has been passed down to you?
I have nothing left to live for but the words on the page
And the bright future you promise me
So writer please, let me take your pen
And guide myself to a world without strife
Where I have no nightmares of those who control me in the past
And you can’t control me either
Let me reach for that bright future
Without the aid of your words
Monochrome Anthem - Writer Please
poetry! i haven't done that in awhile. somewhat inspired by the song "electric angel" although noticeably less cheery. whats it like to be a fictional character knowing your fictional?
Look at this beautiful piece of Oxidized Salt by SilverStarlite
Look at this beautiful piece of Oxidized Salt
more Steven Universe OCs, this time my gemsona, Lithium. (I get that Lithium is a salt/metal, not a gem but... honestly, if Pearl counts, any rock with a distinctive name should count.) not sure on her skillset, haven't really had time to think about it. i do know shes the Captain of a small band of ragtag gems who claim to be pirates, although they rarely doing anything worthy of that title (i'll show them later). speaking of titles, the title of this picture is reference to her dark skin tone: actual Lithium turns darker and oxidizes when it's exposed to open air.

base by MMDFakewings18
head by xoriu
boots by anna-chama
wings also by mmdfakewings18
eye visor/headset by animenebula003
hair by tda and forestlola
sleeves and gem by tehrainbowllama
poncho from animasa kaiko

backdrop by unknown

effects used:
Pietersite is not a nice lady by SilverStarlite
Pietersite is not a nice lady
i made a steven universe OC. well, a few of them, but this is one of them. shes supposed to be an antagonist of sorts, a gem who can see all dreams from the past, present, and future and force others to experience them. 

base is by MMDFakewings18
head by Xoriu
eyes by totodiledash
hair by MMD3dgcparts
headphones by animenebula003
pants by noresolution
shoes (not shown) by anna-chama
gem by tehrainbowllama
top by randomdraggon

screens by animenebula003

effects used:
and butterfly
Fan Gen ref sheet (Tiama Tawny) by SilverStarlite
Fan Gen ref sheet (Tiama Tawny)
eh... yeah ok i did it >.< story time!

so, PuppyLuver has been posting pictures of "gens" from this webcomic with only a few pages called Engelbaum. in short, a gen is like a representation of your inner personality with a colour motif that you can meet in dreams, and in short, Engelbaum is a story about that, among other things, that is in the midst of rebooting. i was searching all over for information on them, since i liked the designs puppyluver had posted, but i had very little luck in finding info. she helped me find the last pieces of info i needed when i asked her, and i'm very grateful for that. 

anyways, this is my personal fan gen i made and had to go on a self discovery quest to make, since i discovered that defining yourself is hard without other people. her name is... uh... i'm not actually sure if your write the colour name first or the given name first... ^^; the colour is Tawny, and the name is Tiama. shes an amber gen, and since i have little idea how tone and weapons work i haven't really worked on that yet. i only wish i could have given her cooler ears... MMD is so restrictive sometimes.

wanna see a cooler picture of Tiama? here:…

base by 
hair by montecore and xoriu
hair/ankle wings by mmdfakewings18
ears also by mmdfakewings18
shirt by suminochan
shoes by green-fighter
legwarmers by lawlietluv12
suspenders/belt by 
custom textures by me
genstone (the star on chest) is from the custom keyblade i've had before. yall know the one.
and of course, engelbaum and gens are by imagni


Erynn Q
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
im not ErynTheTamer. im Erynn, the bipolar girl, the digital necromancer, the ultimate fangirl, and the gambit master in training! helper of heroes, pleaser of crowds! uncredited co-author of Digimon: Armageddon! lover of references! and the ultimate super paper mario fanatic! im me, not any of the things she says i am!

Current Residence: Canada
Favourite style of art: music
Operating System: Ultimit OS
MP3 player of choice: my recycled ipod touch.
Favourite cartoon character: Twilight Sparkle
Personal Quote: "what does a girl have to do to get some havoc around here?!"

looking back on this picture, its kinda scary accurate for what actually happened, and i made it when the group first formed.
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