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Diancie's Royal Academy Student: Edmund by SilverStarlite
Diancie's Royal Academy Student: Edmund
One of many characters i plan on submitting to Diancies-Royal-Acdmy (that music teacher is coming soon).

Ability: "It's levitate.... It helps me get around..."

Moveset: "Um... Earth Power, Extrasensory, Rapid Spin and Trick Room.... I don't fight much though, I'm no very offensively strong..." (Note: hes a Claydol. He can't deal  damage, but he can take pretty much every and any hit without flinching.)

Nature: "Bashful..."

Profile: Despite Edmund's proper upbringing and polite demeanor, his appearence leads many people to call him creepy and spread rumors about him being a delinquent. He has a hard time making friends due to this and his shyness. he dislikes being called any short form of his name, like Ed or Eddie. (Note: this guy is based on an actual 6iv Claydol i bred)

base by  Supurreme
face by Xoriu (with texture editing by me)
eyes by xXHIMRXx
hair by chfgwuzhere
hat by Shuyin510
eyes on hat modeled by me

Super Paper Girls (updated) by SilverStarlite
Super Paper Girls (updated)
so i finally got around to making these lovely gals again. thats Mimi, Timpani, and Nastasia from left to right.

design notes/credits:

this time around, i chose to stylize Mimi to look a bit older, almost in her mid teens. shes supposed to look more like the style-obsessed girl she was in SPM, and as such i chose a wonderful set of pigtails that can change style via sliders. i plan on eventually updating her with a spider-leg slider, but not now. idk, i find Mimi to be a bit more interesting as a bratty, immature teenager than just your average demanding kid. when i release her, it'll include a few more of her outfits.
base by UtaCasabee
hair, dress, and shoes by Tehrainbowllama
bracelets by ValerieTakanashi

this is a bit different than most peoples Timpani.... although the pointed ears were kind of accidental, i wanted to use that face but i couldn't cleanly take them off, so i left it be. maybe shes Hylian? XD anyways, i'm a little annoyed at the fanbases general idea of Timpani being very sweet and kind... because if you played the game, you'd see that shes very blunt, straightforward, and independent/reserved, her kindness being almost in "tough love" territories. while she is very kind, shes not really sweet or friendly until she warms up to you, as both Tippi AND Timpani. as such, i sought out to many a Timpani with a slightly tougher look, keeping that ladylike vibe while also showing her straightforward side.
base by UtaCasabee
boots, hair texture and dress by Tehrainbowllama
gloves by MichiKairin
hair by Ina-Haru and  2234083174

well uh... not much to say here, its everyones favourite secretary.
base by unknown, this TDA base has been sitting in my folders for a very long time. i guess i'll just say "credit to the original owner" or something.
ears by MMDFakewings18
hair by Sims3Ripper
boots by 
top, glasses, hair texture and pants by Tehrainbowllama
Down To The Pawn That Can Only Move Forward by SilverStarlite
Down To The Pawn That Can Only Move Forward
yay for Namentio, am i right? although none of my pictures are very shippy... better fix that at some point. anywho, this is based on Gumi's song Checkmate. take a listen!…

if your wondering why Dimentio is a Bishop, it's based on a moment in my childhood. there was a guy i knew who i used to play chess with at lunch, and he always called Bishops "Snipers" due to the fact that you rarely see them coming. same sneaky tactics apply to Dimmy's way of doing things, dontcha think? although knowing Nassy, she won't be a pawn for very long...

yes, i made a new Nastasia. i shall credit her later, till then i have little idea where the rest of this stuff came from...
Long Live The King
A tribute to a very sad little quail
In the style of TS Elliot
By SilverStarlite
He awoke on the train, far from home, like Campanella and Giovanni
An acquaintance named “Alone” having released him from life’s restraints
With deception and trickery he was fooled to his doom
He called “Is anyone there?,” his voice resounding in the starlight’s grasp
But alas, Death’s conductor was the only one
Afraid, Lost, tired, he fled this train, as if fleeing the boat across the river Styx
He found himself in darkness, no more stars to light his way
“No going back” he muttered, unable to contain the tears
“No going forward” his echo answered him in the darkness
He couldn’t bear to see tomorrow
So in his world, tomorrow would never come, as if the battle atop Megiddo had erased the very future
He couldn’t bear to fight with people
So in his world, he was the only one, like before, like always
One, and yet many
The candle he lit in the darkness was now a lighthouse guiding those lost souls to his palace
One, and yet many
Those migrants would be his subjects, alike and yet not
One, and yet many
And the voices in harmony sang
“Till, life do us part, and the Scorpion’s Fire burns us away…”
“Long live the King.”
Long Live The King
another writers craft work, this time depressing TS Elliot poetry. i figured The King was a good subject for this one. this poem shares a title with a song by one of Team Hatoful's folks.


Erynn Q
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
im not ErynTheTamer. im Erynn, the bipolar girl, the digital necromancer, the ultimate fangirl, and the gambit master in training! helper of heroes, pleaser of crowds! uncredited co-author of Digimon: Armageddon! lover of references! and the ultimate super paper mario fanatic! im me, not any of the things she says i am!

Current Residence: Canada
Favourite style of art: music
Operating System: Ultimit OS
MP3 player of choice: my recycled ipod touch.
Favourite cartoon character: Twilight Sparkle
Personal Quote: "what does a girl have to do to get some havoc around here?!"

looking back on this picture, its kinda scary accurate for what actually happened, and i made it when the group first formed.
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